Peking Opera Theme Chinoiserie Ball-point Pen


Peking Opera NichePeking Opera Niche
Empress WuEmpress Wu
White LadyWhite Lady
Mu GuiyingMu Guiying
Lady General Hua Mu-LanLady General Hua Mu-Lan
Yu Mei RenYu Mei Ren
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  • Pen Size: 18.5 * 4 * 3cm
  • Pen with Box Size: 27 * 7 * 4cm
  • Material: Plastic


  • Chang-Ngo (嫦娥)
  • Peking Opera Niche (京剧小生)
  • The First Emperor of China (秦始皇)
  • Empress Wu (武则天)
  • White Lady (白娘子)
  • Mu Guiying (穆桂英)
  • Lady General Hua Mu-Lan (花木兰)
  • Yu Mei Ren (虞美人)
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Chang-ngo, Peking opera niche, Empress wu, White lady, Mu guiying, Lady general hua mu-lan, Yu mei ren